Turning Into an Entrepreneur

I never considered myself an entrepreneur until recently. Truth be told, I have a hard time even spelling it let alone getting into the mindset that I am one. However, I am announcing that I am one.

I am officially hanging out my digital shingle to let the world know I am here to help with my skills and experience!

It’s a big step.

There are courses you can take, books on the subject and networking with other entrepreneurs – but there is nothing that captures that scope of work and adversity in getting started in your own business. To-do lists, things you didn’t know you needed to know and finding a way to get people to notice you – all day, everyday.

That’s my niche: I can help small businesses and “solopreneurs” with their marketing goals to get going and get noticed.

Marketing 101

I am going to start doing everything I tell my customers to do now:

  • Have a clean & easy to navigate website
  • Write blogs
  • Post to social media channels
  • Newsletters
  • Keep everything you are doing consistent

There is a bit more to it, but you get the idea.

Marketing is not a dirty word and if you don’t talk about your company – don’t expect others to either.

I can help businesses figure out what is working, how to enhance their messaging and reach the people they need to talk to.

Just like I am doing for myself.

And, if you have noticed, I am presenting myself in a straightforward way in this blog – that’s just who I am.

In working with DelPrete Consulting, you are working with me, in partnership.